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City Government


It is inevitable, wherever you live, there are taxes to be paid. 

Everyone is billed for Ad Valorem taxes per $100 of assessment. The 2019 tax rates were as follows: 

State Tax - .122/ tangible .45
County Tax - .142/ tangible .142/ fire .03 Library Tax - .098/ tangible .1531
Health Tax - .028/ tangible .028
Extension Tax - .06284/ tangible .128731 Mental Health Tax - .016/ tangible .016
Soil Conservation Tax - .010
Common School Tax - .574 per/ tangible .574 Graded School Tax - .929 per/ tangible .934 

If you live within the city limits, there is a city tax billed by the city and payable to the city, in addition to the county tax. 

If you live in the city limits of Crittenden 

City Tax - 1.90 per $100 of assessment. Payable at the Crittenden City Building at P.O. Box 207, 117 South Main, Crittenden

If you live in the Grant County School District 

A tax of $10.53 per $1,000 of assessment is payable at the Grant County Sheriff’s Office when property taxes are paid. 

All people who own land are also required to pay a real estate tax. Tax bills are mailed on or about October 1 and due by Dec. 31. People paying their tax bills on or before Nov. 1 will receive a 2 percent discount. Between Nov. 1 and the end of the year, the face value of the tax bill is due. Real estate taxes paid Jan. 1 through Jan. 31 are charged a 5 percent penalty and taxes paid between February 1 and April 25 are charged a 21 percent penalty. For further information about applicable tax rates, contact the Grant County PVA Office at 824-6511.