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City Government

City Information

The Crittenden City Council meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at the City Building at 117 S. Main Street.​

​City Building - 859-428-2597

City Building Fax - 859-428-2419

City email -

Key Personnel:

Megan Simpson - City Clerk / Treasurer

J.D. Dezarn - Maintenance Supervisor

Donna Duley-Asst City Clerk/Public Relations

Alex Edmondson-City Attorney

Mayor - The mayor serves a four year term and is paid  $8,000 annually.  

Camilla "Kay" Patton serves as mayor of Crittenden.

City Council - Crittenden has 6 members on City Council.  They are elected every 2 years.  A Crittenden councilman earns $1,200 per year.

Members of council are:

Earlene Stumbo
Joe Dusing
Danny Martin
Paula Lowery
Jennifer Thurman-Humphrey
Todd Roberts